Dust My Broom Recordings in Argentina

A first attempt.
It's limited to what we have in our collection.

Band / Artist Title Location Date / year
Pasto Dust My Blues Satchmo, Buenos Aires 1981 or 1982
Ale Ramos Dust My Broom Unknown Location 2003 or 2004
Diego Czainik I Believe I'll Dust My Broom King Studios, Buenos Aires July - October 2007
Ed Manthis Dust My Broom Buenos Aires (?) 2007 or 2008 (?)
Jonathan Ruiz Dust My Broom Buenos Aires November 22, 2008
Lea Barbieri Dust My Broom Bahia Blanca, Buenos Aires March 5, 2009
Tres de Picas Dust My Broom Buenos Aires Unknown Date
Last update:February 19, 2016