Dust My Broom Recordings in Brazil

A first attempt.
It's limited to what we have in our collection.

Band / Artist Title Location Date / year
Blues Etilicos Dust My Broom Unknown location 1987
Cake Walking Gang Dust My Broom Sao Paulo 2003
Oscaravelhos Dust My Broom Unknown Location 2005
Ruffus Dust My Broom Canadian Consulate, Sao Paulo May 10, 2007
Artur Menezes & Ivan Marcio Dust My Broom Estudio Compasso, Fortaleza November 2007
Electric Muddy Blues Band Dust My Broom Sao Paulo 2008 or 2009 (???)
Nuno Mindelis Dust My Blues (Dust My Broom) Beastmusic Studios,Sao Paulo 2008 and 2009
Richard Blue & the Broadcasts Dust My Broom Distrito Federal (?) 2008 or 2009
Banda Have Mercy Dust My Broom Estudio Tubo, Sao Paulo April 2009
Black Garoa Blues Band Dust My Broom Studio Paris, Sao Paulo November 15, 2009
André Briuza Dust My Broom Jacaréi, Sao Paolo August to November 2011
Cadillac Trio Dust My Broom Rio de Janeiro Mid 2012
Kadu Mota Dust My Broom Unknown Location Unknown Date
Diego Rodrigues Dust My Broom Vitoria Unknown Date
Last update:February 19, 2016