Dust My Broom Recordings in Ireland

A first attempt.
It's limited to what we have in our collection.

Band / Artist Title Location Date / year
Inchequin Dust My Blues Unknown Location 1995
Blues Up Front Dust My Broom Dublin 1999 (?)
Pat Martin & Dermot "Blues" Byrne Dust My Broom "Penny Lane" Studios Greystone Co, Wicklow 2006
Salvoblues Dust My Broom The Blue Note, Dublin 2008
No Banjo Dust My Broom Roisin Dubh, Dominick Street, Galway Early 2009
Lars Bendix Düysen Dust My Broom Dublin March 2009
Alamo Bandit Dust My Broom Cork (?) December 5, 2009
Eleanor McEvoy Dust My Broom The Cauldroom Recording Studios, Dublin Autumn 2012
Blue Hawk Dust My Broom Waterford Unknown Date
Last update:February 19, 2016