Dust My Broom Recordings in Japan

A first attempt.
It's limited to what we have in our collection.

Band / Artist Title Location Date / year
Boogie Boy Ikuto Dust My Broom E-Star, Nakano, Tokyo 1992
George Yanagi & The Night Owl Club Blues Band Dust My Blues Unknown Location 1993
Tommy Chung Dust My Broom Tokyo Ayoyana JVC Studio, Tokyo August 1995
Mike Wilhelm Dust My Broom Yukotopia, Tokyo, Japan January 19, 1997
B Days Dust My Broom T-2GAKUYA, Kobe Fabruary 17, 2001
Funky Broadway Dust My Broom Unknown Location October 28, 2001
Masaki Hayashi I Believe I'll Dust My Broom Tokyo 2003 or 2004 (?(
Masaki Hayashi Dust My Blues Tokyo Summer 2004
Tomii Seiji Dust My Broom Unknown Location November 4, 2004
#9th (Sharp Ninth) Dust My Broom (Dust My Bloom) Unknown Location 2005
Gypsys Dust My Broom Tokyo October 21, 2005
Sakasans Dust My Broom Unknown Location 2005 or 2006
Thunders Hirotomo Dust My Broom Takasaki Summer 2007
Johnny Winter Dust My Broom Zepp Tokyo, Koto-Ku, Tokyo April 15, 2011
Dying Dog Brothers Dust My Broom Tokyo (?) Unknown Date
Last update:February 19, 2016